Chiropractic Services for Tilted Uterus Symptoms, Whittier & La Habra

Chiropractic Services for Tilted Uterus Symptoms
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Chiropractic and a Tipped or Dropped Uterus

A common condition for women after childbirth or later in their life is a Tipped or Dropped Uterus. How can chiropractic help with something like this, you ask? If you understand the anatomy you will understand that a manual adjustment can help.

The uterus is held in position by a ligament called the Broad Ligament. Sometimes during childbirth, or when you get older, the Broad Ligament weakens. If the Broad Ligament weakens, it then stretches. The uterus can then change positions in the abdominal cavity. It will tilt into a more anterior position or drop to the bottom of the cavity. Overtime, additional scar tissue builds up around the broad ligament and locks the uterus into its new position. The tilted or dropped position can then cause a constriction at the neck of the uterus and cramps can occur. Another common complaint is that sex becomes painful for the woman. Most Medical Doctors say that there is nothing they can do unless it becomes very painful and then they will perform surgery to correct the position.

However, chiropractic adjustments can be performed to help reposition the Tipped or Dropped Uterus. These adjustments break up the scar tissue that is stretching the Broad Ligament and holding it in the dropped position. Then the ligament can relax and the uterus can return to its proper position. What a relief for the women who have this condition! Sex becomes enjoyable again and they no longer experience cramps. Also, there is no need for surgery with resulting side effects and a long recovery process. This is a specialized technique that not every chiropractor knows. If you would like more information regarding non-invasive treatment for a Tipped or Dropped Uterus, please call Dr. Wendy Kreider at 562-943-2431.