Testimonials for Dr Wendy Kreider, La Habra & Whittier Chiropractor

Testimonials for Wendy Kreider, D.C.
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From IF; January 12, 2009

In July, 2008, my husband died and the last 6 months being his caregiver took its toll on me, especially the last 2 months when I had to lift him day and night. This resulted in a lower back pain that resulted in being unable to get out of bed without help and not being able to work out at the gym. A simple task like getting up from a chair was a painful effort. When it didn't go away within the month, I knew I had to do something and I had heard about Dr. Kreider, a chiropractor using Network Spinal Analysis.

The first few treatments were "very different" then any other chiropractic treatments I had ever had. Dr. Kreider needed to help me get up from the therapy table on the first two visits but on the third visit I had improved so much I could stand up with no pain. I have continued these treatments since then because two other long term health problems (that I had adjusted to) completely vanished. Even though I feel very well, I will continue to have treatments which I consider my "maintenance" program.

I have told so many of my friends and acquaintances (especially at the gym) about this amazing treatment and encouraged them to "try it, you'll like it." After all, the proof is in the pudding!!

From MB; December 5, 2008

I was experiencing shoulder pain and right side sciatica pain in my low back and down my leg. Dr. Wendy painlessly relieved the pain in my back and shoulder. Better still, she was an advocate for me to learn how I could avoid the problem returning. She taught exercises to relieve and stretch the muscles. It works! Now periodic adjustments keep both areas pain free. I feel I have become a better advocate of my own health, with exercise and yoga. I would go to Dr. Wendy as a viable alternative to investigate health problems before committing to more drastic and invasive measures.

From BMB; October 12, 2008

I came to see Dr. Wendy with back problems. Since having treatments with Dr. Wendy, I no longer have pressure in the middle of my back. In addition, I no longer suffer with a stiff neck. I feel that Dr. Wendy listens to what I have to say.

From AL; October 5, 2008

My 9 year old son suffers with Autism. He recently became very anxious with an increase in pacing, running back and forth, hand flapping, and vocal keening. His facial expression was also showing his anxiety. Since he has been treated by Dr. Wendy he is a lot calmer and there has been a significant decrease in his pacing, running back and forth, hand flapping and his facial expressions also appear relaxed. With my son under the care of Dr. Wendy, I'm hopeful about him being more adaptable to loud, new, and changing environments. Dr. Wendy is a very caring person and works with my son's moods and willingness in administering his treatments. Network Spinal Analysis is a gentle form of Chiropractic treatment. My son looks forward to his visits and on his own he will lie on the table.

From; LN November 28, 2008

I was having problems with my lower back and especially my tailbone. At times the pain was such that simply sitting upright hurt. I have been having these pains on and off for years but had become constant when I first came to see Dr. Wendy. Since having been treated, I almost never have pain from my tailbone now and if I do, it is no where near the same intensity it was before. I have become very aware of my body and the way that I move it. By being aware of how I'm sitting, I've helped my tailbone problem and my posture. Dr. Wendy is a wonderful and compassionate doctor. I've called her before at the last minute in pain and unable to feel my toes and she adjusted me that evening and I immediately felt my toes again. As for Network Spinal Analysis it works! I was slightly skeptical when I first heard about it but now I swear by it. I've been seeing Dr. Wendy for over 2 years now.