Chiropractor Services for Autism, ADD & ADHD Symptoms in Whittier & La Habra

Autism, ADD & ADHD Symptoms
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How Network Spinal Analysis helps Children with Autism and ADHD

By relieving stress in the body, children with Autism and ADHD are better able to deal with their environment. When a person feels connected to their true self, they are able to negotiate their environment with greater ease. This means that Autistic children are better able to control their body movements and have less anxiety when under Network Spinal Analysis Care. Additionally, these children have improved their ability to communicate with others. ADHD children are calmer and can concentrate better in school when under care.

ADHD and Autism BrainsA wide range of disorders are occurring in children. These disorders include Autism and ADHD. The causes of these conditions are currently not understood. Studies have shown that people with autism have irregularities in certain regions of their brain. Other studies show that people with autism have abnormal amounts of neurotransmitters in the brain. All of these studies show that there is interference in the normal functioning of the nervous system. These disorders clearly involve stress and tension within the nervous system.

Network Spinal Analysis is an exciting, gentle form of chiropractic care that relieves the stress in the spine and nervous system. When stress occurs in the body, the spinal cord can twist and pull the bones and nerves out of place. By touching certain points on the spine, the network practitioner assists the body and nervous system to find the physical stress in the spinal cord and release it. When the stress is released, the spinal cord no longer twists and the spine finds its optimum position. Additionally, receiving Network Spinal Analysis care brings a connection between the physical body and the nervous system through the spine. This connects you to your true self.

These observations are backed by a recent study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. This review critically assessed 8 previously published studies involving a total of 160 children. The evidence strongly suggests that chiropractic care may help various cognitive abilities that are essential to learning. By removing the stress and interference to the spine and nervous system, the children were better able to learn.

Network Spinal Analysis can help improve the functioning of children with Autism, ADHD and other learning disorders. As these children connect to their inner self, they become more comfortable with their environments, whether at school, society at large, or in their own homes.

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